The aim of PACT is to build capacities among project partners from the EU and Caucausus universities in project development through transnational training. For this purpose a first standard project development training for the project partners in Caucasus was prepared with the EU partners using the collected project management tools.

The first train-the-trainer course took place in Tbilisi on 23-25 September 2014 at the University of Georgia, with 30 participants from GE, AM and AZ.

The purpose of this training was to introduce the train-the-trainer programme to future trainers from partner institutions. Participants discussed the basics of project development and how collected support tools can be used in trainings in Caucasus for the target groups. With interactive methods, all participants have got to know the support tools. The participant groups were more experienced researchers, project partners and staff members in Caucasus universities who would then be able to be the trainers for the main target group of young researchers, PhD students and young lecturers.

Now that the future trainers have been trained, a curriculum will be planned for the target groups of young researchers, lecturers and PhD students in international project development. A total of 18 training sessions will be undertaken for the whole Caucasus region. The face-to-face training sessions will be undertaken by 1 EU partner/trainer each and 1 local partner/trainer of the train-the-trainer programme for 15-20 participants per country. The training programme also involves a parallel mentoring programme.

If you are interested in participating in future PACT trainings, please contact us.