In parallel with the work of training young professionals, the project offers a Mentoring Programme. Career mentoring with the special focus of developing international relations has different phases:

  1. building the relationship
  2. negotiating agreements
  3. developing the mentee
  4. ending the relationship

The main aims are motivating mentees in their academic career, inspiring them and challenging them to change perspectives, knowledge or ways of working. The mentoring system will be enhanced through the PACT platform and its networking section: mentoring tandems can meet in private and public forums and discuss open questions and also upload documentation.

If you are an expert project manager, maybe you are interested to get involved in this process. Thus you will:

  • create links with Eastern countries
  • help young colleagues to learn from your experience and to further develop their skills in this area

Get in touch with the PACT team if you are interested to become a mentor!